CETRE SysAdmin Services

CETRE SysAdmin Services

Matt Brock, freelance system administrator based in London, UK

20 years of sysadmin and infrastructure experience

He has brought stability and reliability to all our different environments. He brings a huge amount of enthusiasm and knowledge.

Sam Lawrence, CTO, FSB Technology UK Ltd

Matt has been invaluable in setting up our Amazon Web Services environment. He has a thorough knowledge of application hosting.

Richard Vicary, Technical Manager, LiveBook Ltd

He came in a time of unusually large growth and was instrumental to our success in keeping up with it.

Eliot York, Memrise Ltd

Matt provides dependable system administration services for organisations who don't need a full-time sysadmin or who need some additional infrastructure expertise. He generally works with small businesses, startups, and freelance developers, and he also work with larger companies initiating new projects. Matt works on a flexible part-time basis, and he offers ad hoc support for issues which arise outside normal working hours. He offers a flat hourly rate for ongoing work, and he can provide one-off consultancy for a bespoke fee.

Matt works mainly with Linux and other Unix-like systems such as OS X and FreeBSD. He has extensive experience with many technologies in a wide range of industries, which enables him to assess the bigger picture in any existing or planned infrastructure. He can rearchitect as needed, optimising for cost, security, stability and performance, before fine-tuning the details and implementing the best solutions.

Matt mainly works with cloud computing infrastructure and he specialises in Amazon Web Services, though he is also very experienced with administration of physical hardware. He believes strongly in the DevOps philosophy of working closely with developers to utilise as much automation as possible for reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Areas of expertise

  • Caching solutions
  • Cloud computing
  • Clustering and high availability
  • Configuration management
  • Data centre deployments
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Infrastructure scaling and migration
  • IT management
  • Linux administration
  • Mail systems and bulk email deliveries
  • Monitoring, analytics and notifications
  • Release management
  • Scripting and automation
  • Security of hosts and networks
  • Software development and support
  • Tuning of systems and databases
  • Virtualisation
  • Web servers and applications

Current and previous clients

Alpine LDN
New website infrastructure deployed on Google Cloud Platform for this brand, design and digital agency
Application Craft
Management of infrastructure monitoring for Application Craft, a cloud development platform
Aspire London
AWS infrastructure management for this web design and development company
Blue Compass
Long-term AWS infrastructure planning, management and support for Casting Call Pro and other arts recruitment websites
Management and migration of AWS infrastructure for private tuition website FirstTutors
FSB Technology
Ongoing responsibility for physical and virtual infrastructure plus DevOps in a high-transaction online gaming environment
Deployment of AWS infrastructure for the MyLiveBook online training environment
Migration of long-running London visitor website LondonTown from the data centre to AWS
Migration and scaling of AWS environment for web-based learning application Memrise
Razor Occam
Involvement in major AWS deployments for industrial suppliers Zoro and Cromwell
Host and network security management for this Ripple payment gateway

Further information and links

LinkedIn profile

See Matt's LinkedIn profile for details about his recommendations, endorsements and previous experience

Matt Brock's Blog

Matt writes extensively in his blog, primarily focusing on computing tips and howtos for sysadmins and users

GitHub repository

GitHub repository for Matt's various scripts which have articles describing their usage on his blog


Matt tweets regularly about technical issues and experiences plus a variety of other random insights and thoughts

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