Time-lapse film of spider plant flower with ethereal soundtrack

My spider plants (chlorophytum comosum) grow new flowers each day which only last for a few hours. Yesterday morning I happened to notice that a new flower was about to bloom, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out the time-lapse mode on my iPhone’s camera. So I attached my olloclip 4-IN-1 to use one of its macro lenses, clamped the iPhone on my microphone stand, and initiated a time-lapse video.

I thought the end result was worthwhile, so I processed it in iSupr8 on my iPhone to get that nice “super 8 mm” effect. I was then inspired to write an accompanying soundtrack which was suitably ethereal, so I fired up Logic Pro X on my Mac and spent quite some time playing around with the Sculpture synth, which is a criminally underrated physical modelling synthesizer that’s wonderful for this sort of work. I also used a variety of delay and reverb plugins, plus some excitation to enhance the sonic “shimmer”.

The finished video is entitled So Special, and here it is: