Things which are exciting me today

Children of Men – a stunningly brilliant film that crosses several genres and features wonderful writing, acting and direction. I saw this in the cinema when it first came out, and even when re-watching it on the small screen it still manages to completely suck you away from reality and into a terrifying world that shows you how our society might be in a few years if we’re not very careful. It’s surely one of the greatest films ever made, and if you haven’t seen it before then watch it RIGHT NOW.

Transformation by Signal Aout 42 – an album I discovered earlier this year by a band I’d never heard of previously. They’re basically an industrial/EBM band who’ve had a change of direction and equipped themselves with the sort of shiny-sounding studio gear used by futurepop and dance acts, then used that gear to produce something that sounds extremely fresh and exciting. The album is just one dark, epic masterpiece after another, and I absolutely love it.