The Amazon MP3 store

It’s good to see that some decent competition for the iTunes Music Store has finally appeared in the UK in the form of the Amazon MP3 store. Unlike the iTunes Music Store, all MP3s from Amazon are completely DRM-free (although it’s not Apple’s fault that the iTunes Music Store still has DRM on some of its tracks).

Unfortunately, though, this is less use to me now that I’ve decided to try and get as much of my music library as possible into a format that has been compressed losslessly, as previously planned – I no longer want to have anything that’s lower than CD quality if it can be avoided.

The problem with buying CDs again, though, is that you end up paying for poor album tracks you might not particularly want. I fell foul of this quite badly recently with the Jedi Selector album, which is a compilation of tracks by Mark Pritchard and Thomas Middleton. For some reason I was under the impression that this album was full of pumping electro, but in actual fact it’s only got one particularly interesting track on it. I hope that iTunes and Amazon will start offering individual tracks for download in lossless formats soon.