Running Windows On My Mac

I installed Windows XP on my Mac Pro the other day, mainly because I was curious to see how the whole Boot Camp process worked. I also thought it might be handy to have if, at some point, I develop a desperate desire to play a game that is only available on Windows, although, considering that many of the games I might want to play seem to be available on OS X, I’m not sure how likely that scenario is.

As you might expect, Apple have done everything they can to make the process as smooth as possible, and it was certainly a very straightforward and trouble-free installation. It was quite weird, at first, seeing clunky old Windows running on my Mac. Unfortunately, once you’re actually using Windows, there’s very little Apple can do at that point to make it any less irritating. For example, whilst I was in the middle of performing a Windows Update operation, a bubble popped up and asked me if I wanted to begin the Windows Update operation. How the hell did this rubbish end up being installed on 97 percent of all the World’s workstations, or whatever the figure is? It really is staggering.

I guess at some point I might install Vista on my Mac Pro, just out of curiosity. I wonder what score it would get on the ‘Windows Experience Index’. pfah

Film Review: Sunshine

Scientifically nonsensical with several major plot holes, some lack of depth and consistency of characters, a messy, unnecessary subplot towards the end, and a little too much derivation from Event Horizon, the 2002 version of Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Despite those problems, however, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exciting, quite fascinating, and visually lovely and shiny and sparkly. Also, Rose Byrne is very cute.

Halo For Mac

Last night I tried out the Mac version of Halo (specifically, the universal binary version developed for Intel Macs, for those who know and care what that means). I’ve no idea what the Xbox version of this game was like, but this version seemed pretty damned impressive to me.

It’s cool being able to play games on my computer. I expect all the PC users will be doing it soon; I know how much they like to copy us pioneering Mac types.

Matt Brock’s musical equipment past and present


Category Manufacturer Model Description Status
Pianos Bluthner Unknown Upright grand piano Sold
Wind instruments Unknown Unknown Tenor saxophone Sold
Unknown Unknown Alto saxophone Sold
Guitars Marlin Slammer Electric guitar Sold
Unknown Unknown Acoustic guitar Sold
Synths/ keyboards Casio CZ-3000 Digital Phase Distortion synthesizer Sold (to John)
Roland SH-09 Monophonic analogue synthesizer Sold
Roland SH-101 Monophonic analogue synthesizer (with custom VCF control input) Stolen
Jen SX1000 Monophonic analogue synthesizer Sold
Octave Kitten Monophonic analogue synthesizer Sold
Arp Axxe Monophonic analogue synthesizer Stolen
Kawai K4 Digital S&S synthesizer Sold (to Brian)
Roland U-20 Digital sample playback keyboard Sold
Korg MS2000 Digital ‘virtual analogue’ synthesizer Stolen
Novation Supernova II Digital ‘virtual analogue’ synthesizer In use
Casio CZ-101 Digital Phase Distortion synthesizer In use
Roland SH-09 Monophonic analogue synthesizer In use
Roland SH-101 Monophonic analogue synthesizer (with modulation grip and custom VCF, Pulse and Audio inputs) In use
OSC OSCar Monophonic analogue synthesizer In use
Synth modules Korg MS2000R Digital ‘virtual analogue’ synthesizer module In use
Synth accessories Kenton Pro 2 MIDI to CV converter Stolen
Kenton Pro Solo Mk II MIDI to CV converter In use
Samplers Akai S700 12 bit sampler Sold
Akai S5000 16 bit sampler Stolen
Drum machines Boss DR550 Digital drum machine Sold
Boss DR660 Digital drum machine Stolen
Microphones Unknown Unknown Microphone In use
FX processors Boss DS2 Turbo distortion pedal Stolen
Zoom 9001 Multi FX processor Stolen
Amplification & monitoring Laney Linebacker Keyboard amplifier Sold (to Brian)
Arcam Alpha 3 Hi-fi amplifier Sold
Wharfedale Laser 80 Hi-fi loudspeakers (with custom drive units) Given away
Samson Servo 260 Studio amplifier In use
Dynaudio BM5 Passive studio monitors In use
Beyerdynamic DT 250 Studio headphones In use
Multitrack recorders Tascam 424 4 track portastudio Stolen
Mixing consoles Soundcraft Spirit Folio Rac Pac 14:4:2 mixing console Stolen
Mastering equipment Philips DCC 730 Digital Compact Cassette recorder Stolen
Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc recorder Sold
Computers Commodore Amiga 500+ Used for sampling and sequencing Sold
Commodore Amiga 1200 Used for sampling and sequencing Sold
Commodore Amiga 4000 Used for sampling and sequencing Sold
n/a PC Home-built 75MHz Pentium PC, used for recording and production Given away (to Lou)
n/a PC Home-built 400MHz Pentium II PC, used for recording and production Given away
Atari 520ST Used for MIDI sequencing Stolen
Apple iBook 600MHz G3 12″, used for recording and production Sold
Apple PowerBook G4 867MHz G4 12″, used for recording and production Sold
Apple PowerBook G4 1.33GHz G4 12″, used for recording and production Sold (to Roger)
Apple Mac Pro 2 x 2.66GHz dual-core Xeon with Apple 23″ Cinema Display, used for recording, production, and mastering In use
Computer accessories Edirol UA-4FX USB audio/MIDI interface On loan (to Darien)
Smartphones Apple iPhone iPhone 3G 8GB, used as a musical instrument In use
Computer software Teijo Kinnunen OctaMED Amiga-based MIDI/sample tracker Not in use
Aegis AudioMaster Amiga-based sample editor Not in use
MicroIllusions Music-X Amiga-based MIDI/sample sequencer Sold
Cakewalk Sonar PC-based DAW Not in use
Sony Sound Forge PC-based sample editor Not in use
C-Lab Notator Atari-based MIDI sequencer Stolen
n/a Audacity Mac-based sample editor Not in use
Apple Logic Pro Mac-based DAW (part of Logic Studio suite) In use
Apple MainStage Live performance software (part of Logic Studio suite) In use
Apple WaveBurner CD mastering software (part of Logic Studio suite) In use
Native Instruments Battery Drum and percussion plugin In use
Rogue Amoeba Audio Hijack Pro Mac-based audio stream hijacking software In use
Rogue Amoeba Fission Mac-based sample editor In use
Smartphone software iZotope iDrum club edition iPhone-based drum machine In use
Yonac miniApollo iPhone-based synthesizer In use
JYProduct MiniPiano iPhone-based piano emulator In use