O2 customer service

I phoned up O2 Customer Services and asked them to remove my old phone insurance and to add new insurance for my iPhone. I then asked for some tangible confirmation that this had been done, so my email address was taken and I was assured I would receive email confirmation. However, I somehow knew they wouldn’t send an email, and I was right.

So now I have to wait until my next bill before I can confirm whether this has actually been done. If it turns out it hasn’t been done properly, and if my iPhone gets stolen before my next bill comes in, then I will have no insurance and no proof that I asked for insurance to be put on.

This sort of thing annoys me intensely. I am growing to hate O2’s customer service approach of being polite and friendly to the point of unnatural untimacy, but failing to actually address the issue that is being discussed. It must be at least a dozen times now that I have phoned up O2, been promised something by one of their helpful, friendly, chatty customer service operatives, then found that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL has been done.