New synth: Roland SH-09

Keeping an eye on good old Loot has turned out to be worthwhile. Last night, after trekking through some mildly terrifying parts of Walthamstow, I was able to buy a classic Roland SH-09 synthesizer which is actually more or less in the functional condition that its then-owner described in the advert. Even better, I got it for about a third of its current market value so I have the option of selling it on for a profit.

The Roland SH-09 is a deceptively basic monosynth from about 1980 which has the ability to produce some fantastic sounds. It was the precursor to the legendary SH-101, but many fans actually prefer the sound of the SH-09 to the SH-101, saying it is fatter and has the ability to produce deeper basses. I’ve certainly been having some fun with it. I used to own one of these many years ago, and I don’t think I originally appreciated just how good it sounds. I love its deliciously fat and evil PWM capability.