New iPhone OS

There are various things I wanted and expected to see in the new iPhone OS, and they are discussed in detail below.

To Do Items

I depend heavily on To Do Items in iCal – synced between Macs over MobileMe – to keep track of my life, and it’s become increasingly tiresome that these aren’t present on the iPhone. I thought they were bound to finally add these for this OS release, but no. WHY? This is VERY BLOODY ANNOYING.


It was promised that it would become possible to sync Notes, and if this worked in the way I expected it would have been a reasonable substitute for the lack of To Do Items sync. I assumed this meant Notes could be synced between my iPhone and my Macs using MobileMe. But no. It apparently just means that you can sync Notes with iTunes when you plug it into the computer. What use is that? I want to be able to edit Notes no matter where I am or which device I’m using and have them sync over the air. So now we have Notes on the iPhone and a completely different Notes system in Apple Mail, both of which are completely incompatible with each other. VERY POOR.

Subscribed calendars

In addition to my own calendars, I have various calendars in iCal which I subscribe to. These are synced between Macs over MobileMe but they didn’t go to the iPhone for some stupid reason. They still don’t. WHY THE HELL NOT?

Calendar locations

When looking at an event in the Calendar on the iPhone, you’d expect to be able to click on the location and have it come up in a map, wouldn’t you? Well, this STILL doesn’t happen, so you have to memorise the postcode then manually bring up the Map app and type it in. VERY BLOODY ANNOYING.

Message alerts when phone is locked

When the phone is locked and you receive an SMS message, an alert message appears explaining this fact and showing you who it is from. So why not add an option to do the same for emails? WHY? Seriously, how hard would this have been to do? I can’t believe I’m the only person who requested this as a new feature. TIRESOME.

Picture messaging

Well, at long last iPhone users can send picture messages. What a relief. But when receiving messages we still have to go through that ridiculous rigmarole of going to the O2 website, logging in with a stupid code, viewing the picture, clicking yet another link to view the picture at the proper size, etc. Please tell me O2 are going to change something so we can receive picture messages properly as well as send them? PLEASE?

Repeating text alerts

Well, they got one thing right. At last there’s an option to turn off those sodding annoying repeating audible alerts when you get a text message, which finally takes away all the confusion and irritation caused by that feature.


Disappointing. I couldn’t care less about copy and paste or the ability to view my non-existent stocks and shares, but I do want to be able to SYNC MY TO DO ITEMS FROM MY MAC, GODDAMMIT! LAME.

Edit: It looks like picture messaging is working properly now for both sending and receiving. O2 should have sorted this out automatically after I installed the OS update, but they didn’t, so I had to send a text message to trigger the setup process.