NeoOffice: a better version of OpenOffice for Macs

After getting annoyed with OpenOffice recently I suddenly remembered the existence of NeoOffice, which is a version of OpenOffice specifically designed for Macs. I found that they’ve released a new version of NeoOffice based on OpenOffice 3, so I installed it.

I’m quite impressed. It’s faster than OpenOffice, it looks tidier and more like a proper Mac application, it uses the correct keyboard modifiers for moving through text, and it seems to be more stable and generally less irritating. If you’re a Mac user I’d suggest going straight for this instead of the standard version of OpenOffice. It’s also well worth considering as a usable alternative to Microsoft Office, plus it’s about £433 cheaper than that (i.e. free).

Edit: In vaguely related news, I’m trying out a beta of Firefox 3.5 and am pleased to note that it’s a lot speedier than version 3.0. Hoorah.