More iPhone observations

I’m pleasantly surprised by how un-crap the iPhone earphones are. They’re not great, by any means, but they seem a lot better than I remember the old iPod earphones being.

The mail client on the iPhone seems a bit volatile, though, in terms of its mail checking. Generally it’s very efficient and lets me know straight away each time a new email comes in, but sometimes it seems to give up and stop checking for new emails until I manually force a check. I was also a bit unimpressed when I composed an email whilst I was on the Tube. When I pressed ‘Send’ it produced a worrying-sounding alert about how I could not send the email because there was no signal. Despite that, thankfully, it did put the email in an Outbox, but it then failed to automatically send it as soon as I was within range of a signal. It didn’t do anything until I went into the Inbox to force a ‘send and receive’ process, at which point the mail was finally sent. This process needs to be smoother and more informative.