Film Review: Quantum of Solace

On the way to the cinema I briefly saw someone that looked very much like Rick, but it couldn’t have been Rick because why would Rick have been struggling down a busy Finchley Road carrying what looked like several large planks of wood?

Anyway, onto the film itself. Daniel Craig brings out the brutal side of Bond brilliantly. You see a Bond who likes to take risks, and he delights in being rebellious, hurting people and breaking things. The cold edge of Bond’s personality is explored in a very believable way. He’s not quite so good when it comes to the romantic side of Bond’s adventures, unfortunately, but that’s probably forgivable; only Timothy Dalton managed to combine both aspects perfectly, although he lacked Craig’s raw, powerful presence.

The pacing is solid and much improved over Casino Royale, which lurched awkwardly in a new direction every time it seemed to be about to end. There is great acting, rich characterisation, and an effective plot. The action and special effects are stunning, letting you really believe you are right in the middle of the violence. The occasional stylised sequences work well to add atmosphere and don’t detract from the film at all.

I enjoyed this worthy Bond film from its wonderfully trippy title sequence right through to the moody final scene in the snow. That’s quite impressive, really, given that there must be very little, if any, of Fleming’s original material left to work with. (Despite the title, this bears no apparent resemblance to the short story of the same name – which isn’t really even about Bond anyway.)

Good work, and I look forward to the next one.