Bomb the Bass

I was astonished to discover recently that Bomb the Bass released an album between Into the Dragon and Clear. I don’t know how I can have gone this long thinking that Clear was their second album. Unknown Territory, as the second album is called, turns out to be rather good and has a couple of songs I recognise on it (including Winter in July).

Even more excitingly, they have just released a brand new album – Future Chaos – which is their first original album in 13 years. It seems quite odd at first but grows on you, and it has some good tracks on it. They’re playing a gig at Koko in Camden soon, but I’m not sure whether to go or not. If someone else hassles me to go then I’ll probably be up for it.

Also, ever wondered what happened to Justin Warfield, the rapper on Bug Powder Dust? It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that he’s now in a sort of goth/industrial band called She Wants Revenge. They’re a bit variable but some of their songs are enjoyable, and These Things has a great video with the lovely Shirley Manson in it. Also, I noticed that their song Tear You Apart is used to good effect in a particularly memorable scene in the film The Number 23 (starring the excellent Jim Carrey).