An Open Letter to BT

Dear BT,

All I wanted you to do was move my number from my old flat to my new flat and give me a SIM in time for me to pass it to my broadband provider so that I didn’t have any loss in broadband service during my move. What followed was weeks of diabolical communication and total and utter incompetence, leading to an enormous amount of stress, hassle and wasted time both for me and for my broadband provider.

As soon as possible I will be getting an alternative broadband solution which doesn’t require a BT line so that I don’t have to use BT ever again. You’re a truly awful company, I don’t ever want to have to deal with you again either for personal or professional use, and I’ve been making sure all my colleagues, friends and family know how utterly useless and incompetent you are.

Kind regards,

Matt Brock.