My new Novation Nocturn 49 is a great keyboard (although Automap with Logic is still broken)

Well, it has to be said that Novation are a company who really do seem to care about getting things right. After the problems I had with an SL Mk II which led to me taking it back, they sent me a 49-key Nocturn to see if I had the same problems. Apparently the Nocturn uses different technology for its controllers even though they appear to be the same as the ones on the SL Mk II, so it was possible that the weird earthing problem I had with the SL Mk II might not occur on the Nocturn. Pleasingly, this did indeed turn out to be the case, and the controllers work perfectly regardless of whether or not I am wearing shoes!

Whilst the keyboard on the Nocturn isn’t quite as lovely to play as the one on the SL Mk II, it’s still a great keyboard, and I actually like the look of it even more than I do the SL Mk II. It will be the perfect keyboard to have for when I start doing gigs. Automap still doesn’t work with Logic on my Mac, though. It has a lot of bugs and causes me a great deal of frustration, so in the interests of actually getting music done I’ve had to uninstall it again, at least for the time being. Automap apparently works well for a lot of people but it doesn’t work for me, and the feedback I’ve been getting from others suggests that Automap just doesn’t tend to play well with Logic for some reason, which is a shame.