Tenek and others at Purple Turtle

Yesterday evening there was an interesting mix of bands at the Purple Turtle. Unfortunately I missed the first band whose name I’ve forgotten, but I saw the other three:

  1. Uberbyte: I wasn’t keen on them when I saw them a few years ago because I felt they were too derivative and otherwise uninteresting. Since then they seem to have shrunk – I’m sure there were only about half the number of people onstage this time compared to last time. I wonder why. Despite the Public Enemy cover, I’m afraid I still don’t rate their brand of EBM very highly. Sorry, guys. Please don’t take offence and write nasty things on my MySpace page again!
  2. Tenek: superb pop songs, fantastic sound, energetic and entertaining performance. They were extremely professional and polished despite technical problems with the guitar in the first couple of songs. It’s interesting that they’re mainly active on the EBM scene at the moment, as I think they make such good pop music that there must be other opportunities out there for them too. I met the guys afterwards and they’re incredibly nice, although I now have a strange urge to go out and buy a Waldorf Blofeld immediately.
  3. Scandy: a chap from Combichrist doing something with his Mac that was akin to a DJ set. This seemed more like Armand Van Helden than anything else, which isn’t a bad thing, I’m just not sure this was the right crowd for it – I think he would have been better off at the Ministry of Sound!

So, all in all, a broad mix of music and a very entertaining evening.

Crap O2 coverage

Dear O2,

Please, for the love of god, install some more bloody mobile phone transmitters in Islington. I am so fed up with with the almost complete absence of mobile signal when I’m in the office, when I’m at the pub, and when I’m waiting in the queue in the post office.

Thank you!


Moon is an excellent science fiction film that gets pretty much everything right: convincing plot, great acting and directing, a good sense of creepiness, lovely bits of rather black humour, superb sets and accomplished effects. It raises issues that are not entirely original but are presented well and in a way that impacts very effectively on the viewer. The only criticism might be that GERTY is a little too similar to HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but that seems to be done in a very knowing way that somehow pokes a little fun at 2001 whilst simultaneously being fundamentally respectful of it. I think it’s easy to accept and enjoy this similarity, plus a few echoes of Alien, Solaris and Silent Running, in the spirit that they were intended, and consequently to just get on with appreciating the film.

I’d strongly recommend this to anyone who likes science fiction.

The Fall

I finally got around to watching The Fall. The cinematography is mind-blowingly stunning and everyone with eyes should watch it immediately just for that.

As for the story, characters, acting, etc… I didn’t think it was as amazing as it (and seemingly everyone on IMDB) thought it was. It started off well and was good fun, but it fell apart after a while. The bit where everyone is crying, and which is obviously supposed to be intensely moving, is actually just really embarrassing. The links between the storytelling and the real events are fairly tenuous, and to be honest I didn’t feel like I cared that much about any of the characters in the end.

But never mind that. Just watch it for the incredible visuals and the fun bits. I intend to watch it again soon just to look at it again. I wish I’d seen it in the cinema.


Hmm. I tried listening to some stuff in Spotify but they still seem to be missing a lot of material. Also, I find something unpleasant about the sound quality – it seems tinny in a weirdly off-putting way. And then an annoying advert came on, so I went back to iTunes. Ah, that’s better. I must be about the only person in the world who isn’t all that keen on Spotify.