Hocico and other bands at Electrowerkz

  • I was already familiar with Inertia and had been looking forward to seeing them again, but they didn’t sound great this time. Pretty much all you could hear was a loud rock guitar drowning everything out. The only really enjoyable song was the one where they turned the guitar off. It was funny, though, when the lead singer started complaining that there was too much smoke onstage, because at that point the stage had become an opaque grey wall and it was completely impossible to actually see any of the band members.
  • Unterart consisted of a bass player and a singer who looked like what David Bowie would look like if he worked out really hard for a year, got loads of tattoos, then died and came back as a zombie. They produced a very slick kind of gothic industrial music, and I enjoyed them.
  • Hocico had done an excellent job with their makeup and appearance and they looked great. They sounded great too. They produced very loud, pumping, full-on industrial music. I enjoyed them for a while, but unfortunately they were just a bit too loud and I left after a few songs. I must remember to buy some earplugs.

Tonight it’s Jean Michel Jarre at the Royal Albert Hall.