Film review: No Country For Old Men

Last night I sat down to watch No Country For Old Men. I had been looking forward to it, and it started off well, but it never actually got going. I found it to be empty and bleak, and not in a good way. It was frustrating and unsatisfying. None of the characters or events seemed to connect or develop, and it got more pointless as it went along. The ending was ridiculous: no clarity as to what was happening, then some nonsense about dreams, then the end credits. What the hell was that?

I’ve watched quite a few other Coen Brothers films recently and have enjoyed them all. They have great stories, quirky characters, a plot and a resolution. I think they should stick to this approach instead of trying to branch out into pointless nonsense like this. God knows why everyone else seems to love it so much.

Firefox 3, and O2 being crap

It was with an overwhelming sense of pointlessness that I installed the beta of Firefox 3 today, but I actually found myself to be very pleasantly surprised. It’s much better than clunky old version 2. It runs faster, pages load quicker, and it actually looks like a proper Mac application at last! Hoorah. (I do wish they’d replace that horrible great blue and orange icon with something nicer, though). Anyway, I might even consider switching to it (from Safari) as my primary browser, although the lack of .Mac synchronisation for bookmarks and RSS feeds would be an unfortunate problem if I were to do that.

On a different note, I phoned up O2 a few weeks ago to ask for my phone bill to be itemised. As usual, I got treated pleasantly and efficiently, but I somehow knew that nothing would actually get done despite promises to the contrary. Sure enough, my bill arrived in non-itemised form. I like the fact that O2 staff are pleasant, unlike the rude people at Orange, but unfortunately they don’t actually do any of the stuff they say they’re going to do. At least Orange did actually get things done some of the time.

New song

I’ve just finished a new piece of music called Seek, Locate. It’s slightly weird electro (in the original 80s sense of the term ‘electro’). If you’re interested in hearing it, you can do so at my MySpace page.

If you do listen and find it interesting, feedback is always welcome.

MacBook Air

Inspired by Darien’s recent rant, I went to the Apple Store to have a look at the MacBook Air. It’s a stunning piece of design, beautifully thin and light, with a fantastic multi-touch trackpad. Unfortunately it lacks too much functionality, especially at the price, for me to consider buying one, and I’d guess a lot of other people will feel the same way. So, I’m not convinced it will be a success in its own right, but time will tell.

However, credit should go to Apple, as always, for innovating and pushing forward with radical new ideas. I think Apple and Intel will have learnt a lot from the development of this product, and the benefits of this learning process (e.g. the customised CPUs, the multi-touch trackpad, the Remote Disc functionality) will manifest very usefully within other products.