Slaughterhouse Five

I’m glad I went to Slaughterhouse Five as part of Colin’s birthday celebrations. Colin and I had some excellent chats, and I met ali_anarres (always good to meet another sysadmin). Some other social aspects of the night weren’t quite so successful, unfortunately, but the music more than made up for that because it was an absolutely excellent mix of industrial songs with other great bits and pieces thrown in.

I got very excited because they had a Jen SX1000 hanging on the wall. I feel I’m definitely in the right sort of place when I see a classic monosynth hanging on a nearby wall. I used to have one, and it made some fucking cool sounds. I wish I still had it.

Book review: JPod by Douglas Coupland

I like characters I can understand and care about, and this book didn’t contain them. Also, I like books I find humorous, and this wasn’t one of those despite Coupland’s best attempts to the contrary. It was all far too postmodern for me. Basically, it was a big disappointment for someone expecting something roughly along the lines of a more modern Microserfs.

Also, I don’t understand why the name of their office is capitalised as ‘jPod’ all the way through the story, which seems correct, yet on the cover and in all the introductory texts it appears as ‘JPod’ with a capital ‘J’ at the start. I find that exceptionally irritating.