Front Line Assembly gig

I don’t find FLA’s music or production to be integrated and satisfying enough for me to be able to really love them, and I found this to be as true live as with their recorded works. That aside, however, they put on a great show which I enjoyed a lot. It’s so satisfying to see a stage full of industrial blokes of very varying ages jumping about and enjoying themselves, and in the process creating a wonderfully satisfying wall of sound that has some extremely exciting moments.

Before FLA came Portion Control, which consisted primarily of a huge man in an alarming orange outfit shouting over the top of an industrial backing whilst doing the weirdest, most terrifying dancing I’ve ever seen. I’d never heard of them before, but surprisingly it turns out they’ve been going since 1980, which is six years before FLA formed! Whoo.

And before Portion Control were Mechanical Cabaret, who produced some enjoyably heavy synth pop. Their lead singer sounded exactly like Marc Almond and was a total dick, which was slightly annoying but also quite amusing at times. It was a real shame that he fucked up the vocals to their otherwise rather good cover of A Question of Time (originally by Depeche Mode). Musically I enjoyed them more than FLA, although the overall live experience was not as satisfying.

It turns out that the Electric Ballroom is a good venue for live music, just as it is for club nights.